Why take care of your ears

The well-being of your ears

The well-being of your ears

Many people are unaware of the need to have their hearing checked regularly. But that is a mistake, since hearing is one of the most important senses and you should not neglect it. Many times the solution to the problem is simple.

Another mistake you can make is postponing your visit to the specialist, either out of embarrassment, fear or laziness.

In Spain, there are 1,064,000 people living with some level of hearing loss, that is, 2.3% of the Spanish population and most of them have not yet seen a specialist.


Hearing loss causes

Although more and more young people suffer from hearing problems, it is after 55 years when these are accentuated. Not treating this pathology properly can cause headaches, stress, insomnia, vertigo, social isolation and even increase the risk of suffering from senile dementia and Alzheimer’s.
If detected early, many hearing problems have an easy solution. That is why it is recommended to visit the specialist if there are discomfort, in addition to periodically checking the hearing.


Clear aids

A good cleaning of the ears is essential. Remember that you should always leave a small amount of wax as a protection system.



If you feel any change in your hearing, always call a specialist to treat the problem.


Trust the Specialist

You should always call your hearing specialist so they can diagnose the problem.

Far From the Madding Crowd

As much as possible, stay away from places where loud or very loud sounds are heard.

At ProAudio Hearing Centers we will advise you and give you an assessment of the current state of your hearing health and above all we can give you personalized advice on the care you should take in your case.

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