Why should you wear two hearing aids

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The importance of stereophony

The two hearing aids

Stereophony is a technique that tries to capture, transmit and reproduce sounds so that the waves reach the ears in conditions similar to that of direct perception, that is, without losing their relief.

That is why this technique is of great importance so that through headphones, you can hear the sounds that come from the right and those that come from the left without losing any sound along the way and to better understand everything you hear.

The two hearing aids

Having explained what stereo is, it is vitally important that you understand how important it is to use two headphones instead of one. Putting on just one hearing aid will not provide a solution to the problem, because most hearing losses affect both ears.

Another mistake you can make is to start out by just wearing a hearing aid, but what you’re doing is trying an incomplete and unsatisfactory solution.


Your brain better receives signals from both ears by selectively amplifying the word.

By using both hearing aids you will have better sound quality, especially when listening to music or participating in a conversation.

By using both hearing aids, you can pick up sounds that would be imperceptible with one hearing aid, up to three times the distance than with just one.

Using two hearing aids generally requires less amplification, resulting in a more pleasant sound with less background noise. providing you with greater security.

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