Hearing protection

Hearing protection

We work with the best manufacturers of solutions for hearing protection, both custom-made and standard and for any work environment as well as leisure, our hearing care professionals will advise you on the best and most effective solution.

Anti-noise protection

Hearing protectors offer perfect hearing protection for all environments and have CE Certification, obtained by the laboratory after a long journey of evaluations and qualifications of both the human team and the technological production team. All our custom hearing protections include a case, cleaning wipe, R / L marker, maintenance manual, technical data, instructions and CE Certificate.

The most important acoustic signals can be filtered through filter protectors to reach the ear, but the noise considered dangerous or harmful is attenuated and filtered for the well-being of the hearing. So, whether for work or pleasure, we can listen to life in all its richness without exposing ourselves to unnecessary risks to our hearing.

Aquatic Protection

The ear is one of our most important and highly sensitive sensory organs. This is why we are especially dedicated to offering products that also provide you with this protection in the water. These bath plugs are designed to protect the ear from damage caused by massive ingress of water into the ear (eg infections), bath plugs prevent water from entering the ear canal. It is a perfect protection for children with drains.

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At ProAudio Hearing Centers We will advise you and give you an assessment of the current state of your hearing health and above all we will be able to give you personalized advice on the care you should take in your case.

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