Active hearing aids

Recommended for mild to moderate losses

Elegant design with state-of-the-art technology


Active hearing aids

It combines an iconic, easy-to-use design, similar to premium consumer headphones, with high-end audiological technology.

Always ready for any challenge with automatic situation detection. It has sound sensors that adjust to all acoustic situations.

Active hearing aids belong to the category of discreet and invisible hearing aids. They have all the latest generation technological advances, which are housed completely in the ear canal, made to measure and personalized, being very easy to place, handle and of maximum discretion and aesthetics. .

Recommended for mild to moderate losses


Increasingly smaller sizes but with higher levels of technological performance.

Available in 4 technological levels: BASIC, COMFORT, PREMIUM, EXCELLENCE that will be selected and recommended by the hearing care professional based on the user’s social activities and budget.

2 independent processors for speech sound and noise processing that provide the highest clarity of speech in complex environments.  

The most advanced noise reducers

The powerful processing engine allows
for exceptional TruEar 360 microphone mode
that best reproduces and emphasizes
the capabilities of the natural pinna effect better than ever. TruEar 360 highlights the difference between the front and the
Rear sound sources for easy location of sound sources.

Instant connectivity to devices such as television, mobile and music. 


With batteries or new rechargeable technology with accumulators of up to 24 hours of autonomy.



                                                                  Included installation of the “all-in-one” App for iOS and Android that allows the user                                                                      not only to control volume, change programs and microphone functionality, but also                                                                      to carry out telecare remotely and direct contact with their hearing care professional.

With up to 10 colors available, you can customize your hearing aids with the color that best suits your taste.

Discreet and invisible hearing aids





Recommended for mild to moderate losses

MINI-RIC hearing aids






Recommended for mild to severe losses

MINI-BTE hearing aids






Recommended for light to deep losses

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