Free Review

Free Review

ProAudio gives you a free check of the state of your ears.

Book appointment online

Visit our online appointment page and fill in the information we provide to contact us and we can give you a date and time so that the review can be done. Remember that it is very important to have your hearing checked regularly.

Hearing Review

The three phases

  • In this first phase of the review we will check the inside of your ear. Seeing your entire ear canal. We will rule out that you do not have a wax plug.
  • In this second phase we will perform a complete audiometric test to review your abilities and quantify your hearing loss.
  • In the last phase, we will introduce you to the latest generation hearing solutions and you will have the opportunity to try them out.


Fill in the details and we will contact you

You can contact us as follows.

  • 865 640 506 – 649 011 428
  • José Martínez González, 103 Derecha, Gran Avenida Elda (Alicante) 03600

Contact us

At ProAudio Hearing Centers We will advise you and give you an assessment of the current state of your hearing health and above all we will be able to give you personalized advice on the care you should take in your case.

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